2014 Ferrari 458 Spider Specs, Price, and Reviews Meeting the Cute Convertible

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Here are 2014 Ferrari 458 Spider specs, price, and reviews that might bring you a quick description about this car. Ferrari is always identic with their sporty car on its trendy design. The 458 Spider is one of Ferrari collection with its cool and trendy appearance. It’s a convertible coupe with the elegant appearance. The first appearance of this car is about its sharp red color design. Look at this beautiful machine with its sporty look.


2014 Ferrari 458 Spider Performance

For this first 2014 Ferrari 458 Spider thing, let’s take a look on the engine of this car. It has 4.5L engine size with the 570 HP productions. It’s an amazing power for the sporty car like this. It has 7 speeds transmission that will make you run faster in a style. The bright headlight setting on its front appearance will bring a new style on there. If you wonder about its price, you can grab some Ferrari 458 Spider price list on the online services.

2014 Ferrari 458 Spider Interior Design



2014 Ferrari 458 Spider Engine


2014 Ferrari 458 Spider Summaries

Well, this super speedy car is an amazing collection from Ferrari. The price of this car is estimated from $257,412. The used Ferrari 458 Spider price, of course, is cheaper than its original price. This sporty car also has its amazing design with some unique style. It just represents the spider name on its series. Well, hope this post will bring you quick information about this special sport car.

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