2006 BMW 330i Specs, Price and Reviews You Must Know

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In the 2006 BMW 330i we can see that the new BMW 330i is developed based on an amazing four doors sedan. By looking at this old 330i, we can see that this car was developed to make every rider for this car able to experience the elegance and the power output for this car. So, in the matter of bodywork, this car looks elegant and sporty as well. The 2006 BMW 330i specs 0 60 shows that besides the elegance, this car can really run.

2006 BMW 330i Power Train


The 2006 BMW 330i reviews exposed that there are three engine variants that use for this lovely four doors sedan. The first one will be 3.0liter I-6 engine that able to produce approximately 235 horsepower, the other 3.0liter I-6 engine that able to hive this car an output of 225 HP and the last one, the same engine that will able to produce massive 255 HP. The last engine was specially attached for the 2006 BMW 330i sport package specs.

2006 BMW 330i Interior Design



2006 BMW 330i Engine

2006 BMW 330i engine horsepower

2006 BMW 330i Gearbox

On the transmission system, this awesome salon design is equipped with 6speed auto-shift and auto-manual gearbox system that even for this day, this system is considerable one of the best. This system is one of the most advance gearbox systems back in that day and now the latest transmission system from BMW is build base in this one. The 2006 BMW 330i shows that this car is something that will able to give every driver the best driving experience.

2006 BMW 330i price start from : $3,480

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